Hi everyone! I seem to have been putting this idea off for several years and I have finally gotten around to it. A site where I can write my articles, what’s on my mind, and document some of the things I’m going through or thinking about at the moment.

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

Obviously, the world is in crisis at the time of this writing. After many weeks of shelter-in-place orders, furloughs and layoffs, and a global pandemic claiming lives, the world was treated to images and video of a black man named George Floyd being publicly executed by a team of uniformed police in Minnesota. Accounts would later reveal that he was alleged to have paid for cigarettes with a counterfeit $20 bill, which is obviously not an offense worthy of taking his life (I personally don’t believe in capital punishment in any situation).

This is just one of many black martyrs in recent memory (it seemingly happens every other week) who have had to die without dignity or justice. It’s been so difficult to even consider why this is continuing to happen in 2020. I’m once again reminded of my privilege and actively searching for where I can spend it most effectively. The protests in Miami have reaffirmed my commitment to support my black brothers and sisters in any way that I can against police brutality and I believe that black lives matter. I believe in a demilitarized, if not fully abolished, police force. I do not believe in for-profit incarceration or incarceration for non-violent crimes. I believe that black lives matter.

On 14 March at 1637, my daughter Andromeda Maxine was born. Being a new dad just as the pandemic raged across the world as well as during this tumultuous period of unrest has been a truly eye opening experience. I’m happier than I’ve ever been and I’m growing closer to my new family by the second. I hold her and I think of what the world might look like for her if the trends of the day continue on. Time has really just been flying by, she’s going to be three months old very soon. Her mother and I are doing our best to hold onto every second and document our smiles and feelings (good and bad!) along the way. I’m so grateful to have a partner like my wife, she knows and loves me in a way that only she could. Her integrity and spirit of activism have been an inspiration to me since I met her, and I’m so glad that we created a new life and that we share the responsibility of shaping our daughter’s world.

I’m working on a few different projects, which will have their own showcase page at the top of this page on the header menu. It was my intention to split this blog into a ratio of posts that look something like 75% technical documents, 25% personal musings. I used to delight in reading magazine articles and still enjoy reading the occasional op-ed piece. I don’t pretend to have the writing capability of published authors, but I know if I practice and keep trying, I will improve!

XXI: The World

XXI: The World

I commissioned this artwork from a friend of mine, she truly captured the style of the tarot card and the end result is incredibly beautiful. The World is traditionally represented by a maiden wearing a purple cloth, floating in the sky, bearing two wands, encircled by a wreath. There are four figures in each corner, representing (in clockwise order) the zodiacal signs of Aquarius (Air), Scorpio (Water), Leo (Fire), and Taurus (Earth). The four signs representing the fixed signs of each season were hard to match to a Pokémon. We ended up coming to a consensus based on the spirit of what each sign is meant to represent.

Sometimes the Aquarian is represented as an Angel or cherub, its the only human-like figure on the card. Since typically this sign is represented as the water bearer, or the knowledge bearer, we thought that Alakazam slotted in here pretty well. It has an IQ over 5,000 and it has a human-like face for a Pokémon.

Scorpio is often depicted as an eagle, and in this card, that’s the form that Scorpio takes. Braviary became an obvious choice because it’s an eagle, and it’s got a nice profile that closely mirrors the eagle on traditional card art.

The lion that represents Leo could be represented by many different kinds of Pokémon, because they made a lot of lions. I went with a male Pyroar just because the fire is tied well into the Leo theme.

Tauros is Taurus. It’s a pretty simple choice here.

I wanted to avoid mythical/legendary Pokémon as part of the concept since I think that goes away from the spirit of the card. I think the artist did a great job and it was exactly what I wanted!