I’m Oscar, also known as Draco!

I am a software developer with 7+ years experience in the industry, most of it spent “working fast and breaking things” (read: not writing tests) for startups. I’m interested in Go, TypeScript with React, PostgreSQL, GraphQL, and the myriad of technologies that developers can use to deploy and orchestrate software applications.

You can access my resume here!

I’m also interested in hardware, AI/Machine learning, IoT, and the intersection of tech and biology.

I built this site (using Hugo ) to record my exploits, opinions, and passion projects that otherwise might go by the wayside and also as a place to point people on the internet if they want to know a little more about me. I wish you a great day on the internet, friend!

Loves ❤️

  • American Football, the Miami Dolphins are my favorite team.
  • Pokémon, Dragonite is my favorite pokémon.
  • Lots of different kinds of music, I have 200+ vinyl records. My favorite genre is House music.
  • All different kinds of food! I particularly enjoy Nicaragüense cuisine.